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Aneesoft Free iPad Video Converter 2.9

Aneesoft Free iPad Video Converter is a free video converter
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Aneesoft Free iPad Video Converter is a free video converter. It can be used to convert video files from a variety of different formats into formats that can be played by the Apple iPad. The converter is free, but it has some important limitations. The first limitation, in comparison with the "Pro" version, is that you can't open every type of video file. The input format support is somewhat limited, but it doesn't make the application unusable. The second limitation is that the video editor and merger isn't available. I don't really use that feature, so I don't mind that.

In terms of design, Aneesoft Free iPad Video Converter has a rather simple interface. If you have ever used a converter, though, you will find it very intuitive. The video player that allows you to preview your files doesn't work too good, and it often fails to play video.

In terms of performance, the application works well. Since it is a free converter, I didn't have high expectations. I tested it with a DivX AVI file and I converted that file into an MP4 file. The process was smooth and the resulting file looked almost identical to the source file.

José Fernández
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  • It's free
  • Good interface


  • Limited format support
  • No video editing features
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